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Burn Bullets My tale When i was in my overdue teenagers I took up bodybuilding and after multiple years I commenced competing. A typical year consisted of me gaining fifty or more pounds in the off season via eating lots of food and then dieting and losing fifty or so pounds over the next few months as I prepared for the opposition. After doing this for six years i finished competing in bodybuilding. Over the following years I continued to benefit fifty or so pounds a 12 months after which move on a weight loss plan and lose all or maximum of it over the subsequent months. I became an expert and gaining weight and dropping weight. I became an expert dieter. I may want to shed pounds on the Atkins, Stillman, Scarsdale or any other food regimen. I used to be master of the low calorie, low fats and coffee carbohydrate diets. The only trouble that after I lost the weight I could not keep it off and finally might advantage it all returned plus a few. I in the end ended up gaining and losing almost one thousand pounds. After giving up on weight-reduction plan I started researching why people gain weight and why diets don't paintings. After spending over five years discovering.